Canada Skilled Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

At Yash ImmiGlobal, we take utmost pride in offering a range of immigration solutions to our clients based across Chandigarh. When you apply for Canada immigration from Chandigarh through us, your relocation dreams are sure to turn into reality.


Skilled workers are basically individuals who possess special skills, have acquired extensive training and hold knowledge and ability in their work. They acquire their knowledge by attending a college, University or technical school. However, those who have learnt their skills on the job are also considered as skilled workers. Canada welcomes all the skilled individuals. who possess qualification and work experience that enables them to find work opportunities and settle down in the country as Permanent Residents. The need of skilled manpower is growing tremendously in Canada.


Starting 1st Jan. 2015, Canada reopened its doors and has since welcomed Skilled Professionals through the Express Entry system. This system has particularly been introduced for the management of applications for Permanent Residency. The process of applying for the Canada Express entry from Chandigarh is very simple and hassle-free. Most importantly, the applications are processed at a faster pace. The best part about this initiative is that it covers an extensive range of occupations, and is open to all working professionals. It is possible for professionals listed under the National Occupation Classification or NOB O, A & B to apply for immigration under this system. As per the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The caps placed on the number of applications to be accepted have been lifted too.
As a selection-based process, applicants under this system are selected on the basis of their merit. This includes multiple factors like Age, Education, Experience, English Language Ability (IELTS) etc. Upon selection, an ITA (Invitation to Apply) is issued to applicants, which grants them the opportunity to file their case for Permanent Residency. The visa application is processed in a maximum of 6 months.


There are certain professions that are particularly in high demand in Canada. This includes Technicians, Banking, Trades Persons, Insurance, Nurses, Teachers, Healthcare, Civil, Software, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineers, Insurance Adjusters amongst many others.