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Australia is the most popular country for young professionals who wish to settle down and start a fresh life. With numerous work opportunities and a high standard of living being one of the best features of Australia by those who wish to immigrate from across the world. English, being an official language, Indians do not find it difficult to reside or grow in Australia. You may not know but Australia has a huge Indian community.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Australia Spouse/Partner Visa

  • Candidates can apply for an Australian spouse visa or a fiancé of an Australian citizen, an Australian PR visa holder, or even someone who is an eligible New Zealand citizen.  
  • Application for a spouse visa requires to be sponsored by your partner that has been living in Australia for at least 2 years.
  • The Spouse/partner visa can be applied in certain subclasses: 820, 801, 309, and 100.
  • Australian spouse visa under the subclass of 820 is a temporary spouse visa. With this, an applicant can relocate to Australia and will have the permit to work and live here. However, you will be assigned an extended eligibility visa for a temporary period.
  • After living in Australia for a period of two years on a temporary spouse visa, you can apply for a permanent visa under subclass 801 after a course of eligibility evaluation.
  • The spouse visa can be permitted even if the relationship has ended.

General Requirements for Australia Spouse Visa from India

There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled when applying for a spouse visa:

  • It is important for both spouses to be of 18 years of age or above.
  • The candidate should be either a spouse or fiancé of an Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen. 
  • Financial support needs to be provided to the applicant by the spouse living in Australia.
  • If you are married, the marriage should be recognized as a valid commitment under the eye of Australian Law.
  • If you are not married and are in a de facto relationship, it must be at least 12 months old. 
  • It is important for applicants and the spouse to prove their relationship is committed and genuine during the interview.

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