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The International English Language testing system, commonly referred to as IELTS, is an important component of the application process during admissions to international universities. As one of the most widely accepted proofs of proficiency in English, it holds high stakes in determining graduate and postgraduate admissions. The IELTS score is accepted in more than 10,000 universities and 140 countries around the globe. Therefore, most universities have an IELTS score as a prerequisite to be eligible for admission. Applicants are graded on a scale of 0-9, and the sweet spot would be 9 and above to become eligible for admissions.

IELTS can be taken in both online and offline mode. Thereby, many candidates who apply for this exam through the best consultants for Canada study visa in Chandigarh face a dilemma whether to take it online or offline. As the structure of IELTS remains the same in both modes, there is no direct influence on the applicant’s score. The exam tests four skills within the English language, which include Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. While the applicants can take the first three tests one after the other, a slot needs to be booked for the speaking section through a study visa consultant for Canada as it is scheduled in person with an organised trainer. The total time given to take the test is three hours.

Whilst the above details remain the same, here are a few factors that determine each mode’s suitability for a candidate. Have a look-


Application Fee

While the application fee for IELTS offline exam is INR 13250, it costs INR 14000 to apply for the online one..


The Environment of the Exam

Irrespective of the exam mode, candidates will be required to travel to a venue. While the offline exam is conducted with about 50-100 candidates in larger centres, the online exam takes place in small environments with a lower number of applicants.


Timing of Exam

Although the timing of both the exams is the same, it can have a drastic impact as per the candidate’s skill set. Applicants who have a fast typing speed should opt for an online exam and vice versa. Moreover, candidates are also not given a countdown timer in case they can take an offline exam and have to manage time on their own.



The computer-based exam is widely available across India. However, there are still several centres that do not offer computer-based tests. Therefore, the applicants must connect with a student visa consultant in Canada to check whether the centre in their city offers the computer-based test.



Editing an answer in the written test portion is relatively easier on a computer than on paper. In addition to this, the defining aspect of the listening test is its clarity. As there is no guarantee of the quality of clarity in an offline format, taking the pen-paper test is beneficial. This is because, in a pen-paper test, the audio is played on the speaker. However, in the computer-based exam, the students are provided headphones, thus offering better clarity.



The mode of the IELTS exam does not determine the difficulty or exam or influence the applicant’s preparation. The difference in the modes of the exam merely defines what is more convenient so that the exam is fair for all. So, if you are planning to prepare for your IELTS and take admission to a Canadian University, connect with Yash Global Consultants. As the best consultants for Canada study visa in Chandigarh, we’ll assist you with all you need for your admission and immigration. Call now or drop an email to book your appointment with our consultants today.

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