immigration services in Chandigarhimmigration services in Chandigarh

Moving to a new country can be an exciting process, but it can also be equally challenging. Canada comes among the top ten countries where foreign nationals think of settling in, whether for studying or for economic purposes. The booming economy and multiple opportunities for people have made Canada a paradise for immigrants from across the globe. 

Canada offers a variety of immigration programs with which immigrants can settle in Canada. There are two pathways to Canada. One is by obtaining a permanent visa, and another one is by coming to Canada on a temporary visa. 

Permanent Status is given to Federal Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian Experience Class, Family Class, Business Entrepreneur, Business Investor, Business Self-Employed, Quebec Immigration.

Temporary Status is given for work permits.

Now, as immigration is a daunting task in itself, immigration services in Chandigarh can be of great help for people willing to relocate. In this blog, we have mentioned the main categories of Canadian Immigration. Each category caters to a different set of immigrants. Immigration consultants can assist people with their immigration process. Read along:


immigration services in Chandigarh

Permanent Status

Federal Skilled Worker

The Federal Skilled Worker Immigration program is ideal for those who can establish themselves economically in the nation after their arrival. Based on a variety of parameters, these applicants are given Permanent Resident status.

Provincial Nomination Program 

The Provincial Nomination Program is an immigration program that has been devised to select applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada and settle in a particular province. Provinces can nominate the applicants with occupations that are high in demand or the ones who can make important contributions to the province. Getting associated with the best consultant for Canada PNP program can increase your chances of getting successful.

Family Class Sponsorship 

This program allows Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents to sponsor their close family members who are willing to immigrate to Canada. There are several rules and regulations for the sponsorship program. If you are willing to bring your family to Canada, getting associated with immigration consultants can be extremely beneficial.

Business Immigration 

This program is built for people who are in the position to contribute to the economic development of the nation through their investment. Immigrant Investor Program, Entrepreneur Program, and Self-Employed program, all come under Business Immigration Category.

Canadian Experience Class 

International students and temporary foreign workers willing to become Permanent Residents in Canada, this program caters specifically to them. Applicants are required to meet with a specific set of skills and conditions to get their permanent status under CEC.

Quebec Immigration Program 

The Province of Quebec has its own selection process for Skilled Worker Immigration. For applicants willing to live in Quebec, they will have to go through the Quebec Selection Criteria and not the CIC – Citizenship and Immigration, Department of Canada.

Temporary Status 

Temporary Foreign Worker Program 

Individuals who want to come and work in Canada are allowed to apply for a temporary work permit with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Work permits granted under this category require a job offer from a Canadian Employer but there are exceptions to these too.

Accelerate Your Immigration Process with Immigration Consultants 

With the best Immigration Services in Chandigarh, you can be sure of having smooth and successful immigration. Expert consultants at an Immigration consultancy can extend their support and assistance to you to have a convenient relocation.

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