Canadian Study Permit is given to international students granting them a permit to study in Canada. Every student who wants to study in Canada needs to acquire a student visa.  For anyone to apply for a visa to study in Canada from Chandigarh, it is essential to have complete information about acquiring a student visa from the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada. You could also connect with a Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh to help you with the process. 


For all the aspirants in Chandigarh, the visa application is done via IRCC. It is widely known that online visa submission can be done at a much faster rate than offline visa submission. Before you fill your application, make sure to accumulate and compile all the essential documents. After the acceptance, you will be granted an Introduction Letter and an ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization or a temporary visa which will be valid for your complete course duration. A student visa consultant for Canada will guide you through the complete immigration process. 


For a student to get their study permit for Canada, it is imperative for them to meet the requirements set by the Immigration Department. These are as follows:

  1. Letter of Acceptance from a College or University 
  2. Medical Clearance 
  3. Bank Statement to prove whether the student will be able to pay off their study and living expenses 
  4. Application with an SOP of your travel and an undertaking that post your course ends, you will return to your country.

It is important to note that Canada has strict immigration policies and one can be denied their permit even after being approved by a college or university. At Yash Global Consultants, we have a team of dedicated and well-experienced consultants and operation experts. We have a proven track record of helping students with visa applications and immigration in a hassle-free manner. With the best consultants for Canada study visa in Chandigarh, we ensure that every single process is carried out diligently while taking immigration laws and policies in consideration. 

Connect with us if you have decided to study in Canada and let our experts help you with your application process.