Cyprus Migration Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

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The Republic of Cyprus, simply called Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus is a culturally rich, diverse, and optimally placed land for working and traveling. The economy is recovering at a supersonic speed with significant activities in the tourism, shipping, financial, and legal service sectors. There has been a surge in foreign investments and developments in Cyprus making it all the more stable, economically.


Cyprus is known to have a rich and diverse culture. With a safe and stable setting, this place is perfect for raising families. Investors are also interested in Cyprus for business as they see potential investment opportunities here. There are several benefits of Cyprus immigration:

  • Fast-track procedure 
  • Citizenship approval within 3 months
  • Allows applicants to submit PR and Citizenship applications simultaneously 
  • No physical residence obligation. The only requirement is to visit once every 7 years 
  • No language obligations 
  • Parents can qualify for citizenship given they have a house valued at €500,000 + VAT or have a share of €500,000 in residential property of the applicant
  • Relinquishing current nationality isn’t mandatory 
  • Live, work, and study in Europe without any restrictions 
  • Low Tax Rates 
  • Free Trade allowed in Europe 
  • Civil Unions can also submit applications 
  • Excellent Education System 
  • First-rate Healthcare System 
  • Safest country in the world with a comparatively lower population (<5 Million)
  • An incredible holiday destination


Real Estate, Land Development or Infrastructure Project

Applicants can invest €2 million or more to purchase or construct buildings, residential or commercial land development projects, or infrastructure projects. 

Purchase, Creation, or Participation in Cypriot Businesses or Companies

Applicants can invest €2 million or more in the purchase, creation, or participation in Businesses or enterprises operating and based in the Republic of Cyprus. It is essential that these companies have a tangible presence and have employed five or more Cypriot or European Citizens.

Investment in Financial Assets of Cypriot Companies or Organizations

Applicants can invest €2 million or more in the financial assets of any Cypriot company or organization. This includes securities, bonds, debentures issued and registered in Cyprus. Investors are obligated to maintain their assets for 3 years.

Combination Investment

Applicants can also invest in a combination of the options mentioned above. The total investment should be at least €2 million.