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Yash Global Consultants extend assistance to people interested in immigrating to Poland from Chandigarh. Whether you want to relocate to Poland or acquire a Poland work permit, we are here for your assistance. 

Poland Residence Permit

Poland is part of the European Union. A temporary residence in Poland allows the candidate to travel freely across the EU Schengen countries and the very same goes for relocating to any of the Schengen countries without any permission. A Residence Permit in Poland allows the candidate and their family the ability to move anywhere in the EU region freely. 

Not just that, it also gives the opportunity to create a living, business, and purchase property in Poland and the EU.

Work permit in Poland

One must note that they cannot apply for their work permit on their own as they do not have the authority to do so. This is because it should be applied by the potential employer. The applicant has no control over the application so it is important that the employer does it in the right manner. 

The information stated below is meant to provide awareness to the applying candidates. 

Local voivode issues Work permits. This work permit is issued only for the duration of time an applicant takes to undertake the work. This duration is mentioned in the Work Permit of the Declaration of Employer. However, this duration cannot extend more than a year. 

Work permits that are issued for seasonal work cannot extend beyond a period of six months in a time duration of 12-months from the very first day of arrival.

Types Of Work Permits Granted To Foreigners

  1. Type A: This work permit is issued to foreign nationals who serve the Polish employer having a registered office, place of residence, branch, or any other form of business within the country. 
  2. Type B: With this work permit, foreign nationals are allowed to live in Poland for anywhere between six to twelve months. It is given to the employees working within the management board of a person who has a well-established own business. 
  3. Type C: A foreign national who has been employed by a non-polish employer but has been delegated for more than a month to a facility or a branch that operated within Poland. 
  4. Type D: This type of work permit is given to foreign nationals that are serving to a Non-Polish Employer to execute a particular service which can be casual/temporary in nature. 
  5. Type E: This work permit is given to a foreigner delegated to Poland for a duration of three to six months for purposes other than the ones mentioned before.

Foreign businessmen: TRP and PRP

Many people consider business immigration as a chance to settle in Poland and become its rightful residents alongside achieving their goals. When a company is formed in Poland, it gives the opportunity to get accommodation in the country. At first, on the basis of National Visa D type and after the company validates the business activity by profit, the applicants can apply for their Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)

The temporary Residence Permit allows foreign nationals to cross Polish borders without any restrictions. This also allows the applicants to stay in Schengen area countries for 90 days every six months which is obviously an added advantage. One should note that the Polish National Visa is only given to the members of a Board of Directors but not the Shareholders. This is granted on the work permit of two different types: Preferential and Governors.