Information About Portugal’s Golden Visa Program

Portugal is in Southwestern Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula. This is a developed country known for its high standard of living and income. Apart from this, it also holds an extraordinary reputation of being one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Ever since Portugal has shifted the focus of its economy towards private investment, exports, etc. business services have experienced substantial growth as compared to traditional industries, footwear, textiles, etc. 

Portugal offers a fast-track immigration program with the Golden Visa Program which enables qualified investors to apply and attain a valid Residency Permit. With this program, non-EU citizens are allowed to apply for Portugal Citizenship through investment. For this, an investment needs to be made which allows the applicants to reap the benefits that accompany being a Portuguese citizen. One of the best things about this immigration program is that Portugal requires minimal residency requirements. This is the top reason why most foreign nationals consider this as a favorable global residency program.

Benefits Of Portugal Citizenship By Investment

  1. Visa is not mandatory to enter Portugal
  2. Live and work freely in Portugal 
  3. After a year of Permanent Residency, visa holders can attain citizenship 
  4. After living as temporary residents in Portugal for 5 years, foreign nationals are granted Permanent Residency. 
  5. Visa-free travel within the Schengen countries

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