Miriam Gray
Our Regular Client

Dear Mr Yash,We are pleased to inform you that we have received our visa for me and my brother from Australia High Commission.
We are very thankful to you for preparing my visa application and handling my case professionally and getting success for my and my brother’s visa to Australia. I will recommend my friends to take services of Yash Global Consultants for any kind of assistance regarding immigration.

Alex Redmind
Our Regular Client

Dear Yash Global Consultant, I wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the excellent service provided by all the wonderful consultants at Yash Global Consultant. You can be assured that I would recommend your company to anyone who needs a similar service in the future. Though I’m writing this email to only a few of you, I’m sure there are many (who might have worked on our process and to get our things sorted) names I might have missed mentioning, so kindly do circulate this email to each one of them.

Dina Remmington
Our Regular Client

The timely help and support by Yash Global Consultant was instrumental in making the process of getting the permanent residence extremely smooth. From prompt interaction to proactive responses, the staff was always there to help, informing the next steps, the payment process & the documents to submit. For a family of 4, there was quite a lot to do. I will recommend Yash Global Consultant to my friends and relatives who wish to migrate. Thank you!

Tiffany Windfree
Our Regular Client

I used this firm to get a skilled worker Visa immigrant to Canada. I successfully got it. Now I am preparing to start a new life in Canada. They are wonderful people offering wonderful services. Although I have been interacting with them on the net, I feel that I know them in person because a kind of personal relationship developed during the process. They are very fast to give information and they are an honest group. I really recommend them, and wish them the best. It is been wonderful working with them.

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