The United Kingdom is a sovereign state consisting of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It has a temperate climate and it is frequented with rain throughout the year The main manufacturing industries in the UK include automotive, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries. With agriculture providing 60% of the country’s food requirement, it plays a leading role in the economy of the United Kingdom. In addition to all this, the UK is also a leader in scientific research and development globally. It has numerous universities setting up science parks in their respective premises to facilitate collaboration with the industry. Several leading scientific journals are published in the United Kingdom.


The UK Immigrant Investor Program offers residency permits to individuals having high net-worth who make the required investment. The more the investment, the higher are the chances of getting the residency granted. UK residents get numerous benefits and privileges while living in one of the most advanced world economies. 


  1. English Language Requirements or the NARIC credentials if the candidate has completed their graduation studies in English
  2. Must be maintained for consecutive 90 days 

When a candidate is applying for their entrepreneur visa extension, they should have:

  1. Invested £200,000 into a United Kingdom business
  2. Their business registry has done within six months of their arrival 
  3. The applicant must not work anywhere as an employee 
  4. The applicant is required to create two employments for at least 12 months 
  5. Must meet the English Language Requirements

Maintenance funds should be held for 90 days in a regulated financial institution


While making the initial application, the candidate must meet the given requirements:

  1. Access to £200,000 which must be maintained for 90 days consecutively 
  2. Funds should be held in a regulated financial institution 
  3. Funds should be transferable to the United Kingdom