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    Skilled workers looking to migrate to the Australia, or Canada in order to work and settle there permanently, you can work with our visa consultants at Yash Global Consultants.

    For competent individuals who want to relocate abroad, a skilled work visa may be the ideal option. The basis for granting a candidate’s application for a skilled worker visa will be his or her abilities, aptitudes, and educational history.

    While applying for paperwork to enter Australia and Canada, there are a few conditions that must be met, including filling out skilled immigration papers, obtaining work permits, and processing visa applications.

    We at Yash Global Consultants follow a relatively simple process to ensure that skilled worker visa’s for Canada and Australia are secured.

    To continue with the skilled worker visa process, choose your desired nation

    Canadian Skilled Immigration

    Do you want to live, work, and settle overseas as a trained professional? Canada offers you a warm welcome by……

    Australia Skilled Immigration

    You intend to apply for a skilled immigration visa to Australia. Fantastic choice! Immigration to Australia…….

    We offer a variety of skilled immigration services that will help you accomplish your goals.

    How Can We Assist You in Obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa for Australia and Canada?

    It’s like a dream come true to be granted a skilled worker visa to further your career! We’ll walk you through the process and help you reach your objective more easily with a team of ICCRC and RCIC who have been approved by the Canadian Immigration Council. Our immigration and visa procedures require:

    • Register online by submitting the required data.
    • After reviewing the documents, one of our certified immigration advisors in India will arrange an appointment with you to continue the conversation.
    • Your documents will be handled by our experts in accordance with the nation’s immigration laws and regulations.
    • You are now ready to submit an application for a skilled worker visa for Canada or Australia.

    Why are you being headstrong? Give the immigration firm Yash Global Consultants permission to handle all of your needs so that your trip is simple and hassle-free.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Skilled Worker Visa

    You must first check your eligibility for the immigration programs offered in the nation you wish before submitting an application for skilled immigration. After that, you will need to submit an application and include supporting materials such letters verifying your work experience and academic credentials

    An institution appointed by a government to evaluate the credentials and professional expertise of skilled immigrants is known as an assessment authority. They will assess an applicant's educational background and professional experience to see if it satisfies the requirements necessary for the relevant profession or industry.

    A work visa issued under the Skilled Immigration Program may be valid for one to three years, depending on the program and occupation.

    Depending on the nation and the particular immigration program, the length of the skilled immigration process can vary. From the moment of application to the time of approval or rejection, the process might often take several months to a year or more to complete.