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How can I get my Canadian PR without a Job Offer Letter in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador under PNP?

Hey, long time no see. It’s been days since we talked. But I am here now with something new. Well, it is said and believed that one can only become a Permanent Resident in Canada with a Job Offer letter, but that is not completely true. In today’s world, everyone wants to settle abroad, and our Team YGC PR Experts make it possible for our clients and guide them to fulfil their immigration dreams. And how it is done—that is, the requirements and possibilities to obtain Canadian PR without a job offer letter. 

There are different programs, like Express Entry and the Provincial Nominees Program. In these programs, there are ways that the Canadian government runs to help skilled workers migrate to Canada without a Job Offer Letter. This helps them grab great opportunities and contribute to the economy of Canada.

Requirements to get PR without a Job Offer Letter

Minimum Eligibility Score of 67

Requiring a minimum score of 67 is important for the Express Entry Pool. It is based on age, work experience, education, language proficiency, and adaptability. To proceed further in fulfilling your Canadian dream, this is the required score.

Language Proficiency

One must have a minimum CLB score of 7 on the language proficiency test, indicating that six bands are required in each module, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. A score of more than 7 is very helpful. Note: The results of this test are generally valid for only two years; after that, one is required to attempt the test again.

Education Credential Assessment

The ECA (Education Credential Assessment) report must be assessed by an IRCC-designated organization. It is proof of a valid foreign qualification. The processing time and amount for ECA vary from organization to organization.

It gives a helpful boost to the CRS score.

Required CRS Score

The Comprehensive Ranking System is an important part of Canadian Permanent residence. It is used to assess the profile and rank in the Express Entry Pool. However, in other provinces, a high CRS score is required to proceed with the PR process. It is believed that one cannot apply with a low CRS score. But the province doesn’t play a huge role; there are multiple provinces, like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador, that have had never asked for a particular CRS score. These provinces each have their requirements to fulfil. Fulfilling these requirements can lead to NOI (Nomination of Interest). Moreover, these provinces prefer healthcare profiles, therefore if you are from a healthcare profession, you have a great opportunity to apply for Canadian PR.

NOC Codes

The NOC (National Occupation Classification) is used to verify the work experience of an immigration Candidate. A NOC Code plays an important role in the PR application process because it includes the job title, lead statement, and the list of major duties and responsibilities. At YGC our Experts choose the accurate NOC code according to your profile. 


Additional Pointers to Consider

Whereas in other provinces one has to pay the application charges to get a state nomination, Nova Scotia is a province where one does not need to pay the application fee to get the state nomination. This is a benefit available only in Nova Scotia. However, after applying for the Canadian PR in this province, one must pay the fee to continue the process.

To summarise, it is now obvious that those with low IELTS and CRS scores can pursue their Canadian immigration dreams. But first, they must finish all of the necessary paperwork and documents. As a result, they should have no problems applying for Canadian PR. Get the best advice from our PR Experts for a smooth processing and settlement in Canada. They will walk you through the entire procedure step by step and answer all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get the best advice from our PR experts at Yash Global Consultants to get your Canadian PR even if you don’t have a job offer letter. Our public relations experts will assist you throughout the entire process of realising your immigration ambition. 

Yes, you can apply for Canadian PR with a low CRS score in provinces such as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador because these provinces do not require a certain CRS score like other provinces. 

Don’t be concerned! Visit the office of Yash Global Consultant. Our immigration lawyers will assist you in selecting the proper NOC codes based on your job profile.

The minimum required score to be admitted to the Express Entry Pool is 67. This number is determined by a variety of characteristics, including age, work experience, language ability, education, and so on. After that, you can begin the PR application procedure.

If you have a CLB score of 7, which indicates you have six bands in each module, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada. 

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